Curating Yourself

The word curate is such a fluid beautiful word. Whenever I think about a task I need to do , I think automatically to ” how will I curate this ?” Pictures , lists , the refrigerator , you name it I want to curate it .

I came to think of how I could curate myself . There are so many different aspects of one’s life that it gets overwhelming . I was immediately overwhelmed with all the different categories. ” Efficiency , wardrobe , tidiness , attitude , productivity , health , life love , business”  the lists go on and on –

My ultimate goal is not perfection my ultimate goal is to move beyond where I am at daily . I have so many aspirations , but yet lack the inspiration to go forward with any of them – so I decided to take all these weird things I have scoured over the internet and place them here so I can have a place to review all the things I would like to curate in my life , and hopefully be able to reflect and change as I learn more about things.



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